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About Pure Hydration

About Pure Hydration

Over ONE BILLION people lack access to SAFE WATER…

Founded Since 1994 – So, for nearly a quarter of a century…
We have a lot to learn… but have learned many important aspects about water purifying in the last 20 years. Whether you are miles away from civilisation surrounded by dangerous undrinkable water, or indeed in a metropolis where still the water can be unpleasant to drink

Pure Hydration Systems founder, ‘Jon Grant’, an engineer with an interest in chemistry, was inspired to invent the company’s first product, the AquaPure Traveller bottle, after seeing the tragic loss of life and serious problems following some of the world’s most devastating natural disasters.

Many years ago some of the company’s products were sent to victims of hurricane Mitch in 1998, from then on ‘Pure Hydrations vision was clear’- This is 10 years before some of our competitors existence and before many of them even knew, manufactured or thought about water filters and purifiers for emergencies or for use for the modern traveller, camper or wilderness adventurers and explorers.

Pure Hydration Systems are a British Company.
We Invent, Design and Engineer all of our products in Great Britain.

We serve 3 main markets: Emergency Aid, Outdoor Leisure & Military.

Our products are shipped to all corners of the world.

Our customers and users range from canoeists paddling up the Amazon, Haitian families recovering from the ravages of the 2010 earthquake, soldiers scavenging water in the mountains of Afghanistan, families holidaying whether it be camping, hotels or backpacking abroad or in the UK, kids on school trips and students on gap years too- their parents now confident they will always be able to get safe, clean water to drink wherever they choose to travel.

Carrying and storing clean water in disaster situations can be impossible. At Pure Hydration Systems we overcome this problem by storing dirty contaminated water within the system until you need to use it- Dispensing, clean, safe water on demand. Simple!

The huge advantage over other systems meaning you purify only what you require at any time, other systems require that you have to purify what you need at the source or carry the dirty water with you in another container until you need it.

What is it about Pure Hydration? Customers tell us ‘the products are so easy to use and lightweight, innovative but most importantly effective’.

Around the world, over the last two decades Pure Hydration systems have helped hundreds of thousands of people produce pure safe drinking water probably saving many lives.

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