Pure Hydration offer a range of unique water purification products.

Welcome to Pure Hydration

In 1995, BW Technologies was born to look into water purification products, and was later renamed Pure Hydration. The company is based in Farnham, Surrey.

Our primary activities fall into two key areas:
1. The development, manufacture, sale and distribution of outdoor water purification systems for the personal, aid and military markets on a global basis.

2. The development, manufacture and sale of bespoke personal hydration systems that inter-operate with BW Technologies purification / filtration products for specific customers.

Pure Hydration’s purification filters now incorporate our new M.A.D. Technology that eliminates waterbourne pathogens using a process based on Electrohesion.

Working on fatal attraction this process simply stops and holds microbiology such as bacteria, viruses, cysts and spores deep within the pores of the media.

This leaves you with crisp, clear, safe, great tasting water every time.Our products and research are endorsed by the Hospital of Tropical Diseases London and are in extensive use by the UK MOD & other armed forces, aid organisations and emergency services worldwide.

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