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This section of the Pure Hydration website contains additional information on a number of the wider issues around drinking water safety.

Reliance on bottled drinking water tamper evident seals

Advice to check that the seal on bottled drinking water is intact before consumption is common place, but think twice about using this to guarantee your safety from ‘fake’ and counterfeit producers.

Drinking bottled water overseas.

If you’ve ever been told (or given the advice) not to drink the tap water, but to stick to bottled water overseas, take a look at this reference linked listing.of international media reports about some of the problems that have been encountered with bottled water.

Travellers Diarrhoea - what are the chances?

Learn more about the factors that affect the likelihood of contracting Travellers’ Diarrhoea overseas and the under-reported incidence of TD.

Pre-travel destination checks

Before you travel make sure you check your government’s latest advice on your destination (and don’t forget to think about the drinking water there).



Water Matters

Click here for access to information for the public and professionals on drinking water safety and related issues

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