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Pure Hydration @Home Water Filters

What is it?

Pure Hydration @Home water filters are easy to fit, high quality filters that cleans and purifies your mains water as it is delivered to your tap.

What does it do?

It removes:

  • Chemicals such as chlorine
  • Dissolved solids & heavy metals
  • Tastes & odours


How does it work?

The filter uses a ½” compressed carbon block to remove impurities. This block has a super fine 2-micron (absolute) matrix that traps particles & bodies as the water is forced through it.

The filter then removes chemicals in the water, namely chlorine, by absorption. What’s more, both of our premium and standard home filters use no chemicals to filter your water, unlike many other filters.

Why filter your water?

Although our tap water is safe to drink, it is kept so by being mixed with chlorine. Whereas chlorine kills the viruses and bacteria in the water, there is a large concern over what is does to our bodies.

We think chlorine is like packaging, it protects the product as it is delivered to you, but its not designed to be consumed. Our filters strip away this chemical packaging before it gets to your tap, leaving you with pure, palatable, clean water. In addition to this, Pure Hydration @Home Water Filters will not remove the good things in the water, like fluoride.

What if I have hard water?

If you suffer from hard water then Pure Hydration also offers a Premium Filter which does everything our standard filter does and reduces water hardness - without the use of chemicals. Most filters use a process called sequestering to coat the calcium molecules in a chemical called Polyphosphate. This chemical prevents the calcium from damaging appliances, but it is consumed by the user.

Our premium filters instead contain a high grade Hard Reduction Resin. This non chemical releasing resin is FDA (Food and Drug Administration) Approved and works by attracting the positively charged calcium to the negatively charged resin, removing it from the water. Since Calcium is good for us, we have positioned the resin in such a way that not all water passes through it, thus we reduce it to a more acceptable level without removing it completely.

Check our Hard water map to see if you live in a hard water area.

Technical Details

Capacity: 3000 litres (Approx)
Flow Rate: 2 Litres per min
Pressure range: 25-120 psi (172-82 kPa)
Temp Range: 40-100 F (4.4-30°C)

Water Matters

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