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Home Water Quality

We’re lucky that for the majority of people living in the UK for the majority of the time have access to safe tap water. Depending on your area and other variables, some home water quality is better than others. However, our filters take the risk out of tap water completely by removing bacteria, viruses, pathogens and heavy metals.Bugs, pathogens and muck are often taken out by treating water with chemicals like chlorine. While it does a good job, it can leave a bad taste in your mouth. Pure Hydration @Home filters the water to remove the unwanted material and leaves the water tasting great.

For many of us, water hardness is a bane. We end up with furred up kettles that suck up energy and take an age to boil. As well as filtering your water to remove unwanted chemicals, our Premium System with integrated Scaleguard technology helps prevent the build up of limescale, dramatically improving your home water quality. If you live in a hard water area you need our Premium System.

Do You Live in a Hard Water Area?

Water Matters

Click here for access to information for the public and professionals on drinking water safety and related issues

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