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Home Range

Pure Hydration water filters at home provide great tasting, clean, filtered drinking water on tap! Our advanced home water filtration system is a doddle to install, meaning you can keep your family safe and enjoy great tasting, chemical & sediment free water at home all the time. No more bottles, no more empty jugs, just clean drinking water whenever you want it (also can remove limescale) from your own in-home water filtration.You may also be interested in the following information below.

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At Home

The Windsor 3 Way Kitchen Mixer Tap

The Windsor cruciform tap makes a bold statement on any kitchen with its solid …

Price: from £280.00

The Camden 3 Way Kitchen Mixer Tap

The perfect mix of contemporary design and engineering results in the Camden …

Price: from £250.00

The Dorchester 3 Way Kitchen Mixer Tap

The exquisitely designed Dorchester cruciform tap is in the more traditional …

Price: from £260.00

The Farnham 3 Way Kitchen Mixer Tap

The beautifully styled Farnham, cruciform triple flow tap graces any kitchen. …

Price: from £280.00

The Mayfair 3 Way Kitchen Mixer Tap

The Mayfair surely is the ultimate in Chic for a Kitchen tap. Sleek …

Price: from £310.00

Complete Water Filtration System

Great Tasting Water! With our Complete Filtration System.


Price: from £90.00

Fridge Water Filter Conversion Kit

Can’t Find a Filter Supplier? We can help!


Price: from £50.00

Water Filter Conversion Kit

Do you have an existing water filter fitted, but can’t get hold of the …

Price: from £45.00

Water Filter Replacement Cartridges

Water Filter Replacement Cartridges are available to buy individually or as …

Price: from £30.00


Water Matters

Click here for access to information for the public and professionals on drinking water safety and related issues

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