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Patient Hydration System

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Hands Free, easy hydration when your patient needs it
Pure Hydration has over 20 years experience in drinking water and purification technology for all applications from homes, offices to military use. Our Patient Hydration System was launched in 2007.

The Patient Hydration System (PHS) is a UK based personal hydration system specifically designed to make consuming water easier for hospital patients and those who may have mobility issues and need assistance in having a simple drink of water. A 750ml clear reusable polycarbonate bottle with resealable lid and disposable drinking tube and bite nozzle is clipped to the bed or drip hanger.
Patients with poor mobility can simply place the nozzle in their mouths bite on the valve and intake water. The system avoids the need for assistance from hospital staff in pouring and administering the water.

Accidental spillage from knocked over jugs and cups and the subsequent inconvenience and dangers of a wet bed and/or floor is avoided.

The system can be exchanged on a daily basis for cleaning & refilling. Both bottle & cap are dishwasher safe, and the delivery tube & mouth piece are disposable (in the same way as oxygen tube) and can be changed at the hospitals discretion.

So what does it do?
It helps patients to hydrate themselves and allows discrete monitoring of hydration levels by medical staff with minimal intervention.

Why is hydration so important in hospitals?
For a normal healthy lifestyle good hydration is essential, for hospital patients, especially those with severe mobility issues, good hydration is critical. Recent Study Trials have shown that the Patient Hydration System is a more effective tool for meeting patients’ hydration needs, reducing infections and post trauma complications than by the traditional method of fluid intake using jugs of water and cups. This is particularly applicable during the night when patients can hydrate without switching on lights or waking other patients and calling for nursing staff.

It is possible to significantly reduce a patients recovery time by using the Patient Hydration System (PHS).

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Product Information


  • It’s Clean – Efficient – Hygienic – Convenient – Safe
  • Large EASY GRIP handle ‘It can attach to almost anything’ - beds & wheelchairs or day chairs, for easy use.
  • Lightweight & compact
  • Unique bottle design to aid flow rate
  • Economical
  • Environmentally friendly


  • Bottle capacity: 750ml
  • Weight: 120g
  • Dimensions: Height 22cm Diameter 7cm


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