Pure Hydration expedition water purification for Kayaking the Countinent

In only a little over a month since they left London, Kayaking the Continent paddlers Anna Blackwell and Kate Culverwell have now passed the 1,000 km mark, and are a quarter of their way through their 4,000 km expedition quest to travel by kayak from England to the Black Sea.

Paddling to raise awareness and funds for Pancreatic Cancer Action they have journeyed around the Kent Coast, crossed the English Channel, and have since traversed the rivers and canals of Belgium and NE France including the Meuse and Moselle. They have now reached Strasbourg, and will next travel into Germany and down the Rhine.

They have endured the breakage of their portage trolley (an important piece of kit when you have a 7m fully-laden expedition sea kayak to transport around locks) and the theft of its replacement, together with torrential thunder storms directly overhead.  They have also experienced incredible kindness, generosity, support and assistance from many of the people they have encountered both on the water and alongside their route.

As expedition paddling can be thirsty work, Anna and Kate have been making good use of their Pure Hydration drinking water purification systems, and demonstrating why an integrated portfolio of equipment makes great expedition sense.

Pure Hydration M.A.D. InLine Purifier Assembly for expedition drinking water

The Pure Hydration M.A.D.® InLine Purifier Assembly for expedition drinking water. A 2 litre reservoir is carried in the rear of their Peak UK Explorer PFDs. The outlet tube is accessed through the lower PDF rear zip, and connected using PureLink adaptors to a Pure Hydration InLine Purifier. Although easily accessible should it be needed, the Purifier sits comfortably and unobtrusivelyabove their spraydecks and the kayak cockpit rim. The drinking hose carries water over their soulders, where it is secured with a custom clip to hold the hose until ready for use. A single-handed valve switch and pop-top mouth piece provides an instantly accessible hydration top up.

The M.A.D.® InLine Purifier Assembly is shown above, peaking out at the rear of a Personal Floatation Device during the English Channel crossing. Since leaving the open sea for riverine waters Kate and Anna have been using the PFD-stored water as a reserve, and their primary device for day to day hydration has been the aquapure traveller™.

Pure Hydration aquapure traveller™ for expedition drinking water

Pure Hydration aquapure traveller™ for expedition drinking water.  Robust (it easily survives real world expedition impact without the risk of filter detachment or damage to the bottle or cap) and durable, each of the APT’s in use has been supplied with a shape-hugging neoprene carry case.  The cases have multiple attachment points for securing the bottle to such as deck lines or PFDs.

The aquapure traveller™ (in use above) can be easily squeezed to produce a thirst-quenching flow of water if you don’t want to put your mouth in contact with the cap and suck for reasons of hygiene, or you can combine both techniques if you’re really thirsty. The ability to squeeze the bottle also means that it’s easy to decant safe drinking water into other clean containers before setting off (especially when you know that your next ‘refill station’ may be some way off).

Being on water has meant that refilling on the go has been the modus operandi for Anna and Kate.  Anna noted “The bottles and filters have been working out brilliantly. It can be quite entertaining watching people’s reactions as we dip our bottles into the water and start drinking straight away! It makes life so easy not having to worry about finding sources of clean drinking water, especially as we’ve had some incredibly hot weather along the way and that is set to continue over the coming weeks.”

Pure Hydration Thirst Aid Station for expedition drinking water

Pure Hydration Thirst Aid Station for expedition drinking water. The Thirst Aid Station was originally included with the intention that it could provide camp drinking water if holed up for any extended period due to bad weather. With a 10 litre reservoir suspended from a tree with a bungee cord, gravity does all the work to push water through the InLine Purifier (which is interchangeable with the units used with the PFD reservoirs).

More usually deployed for emergency humanitarian water purification, the Thirst Aid Station was an option that was selected as it was felt that, with minimal kayak storage space or weight impact, it would permit Kate and Anna to have safe drinking water to hand in volume when ashore at the end of each day.  As it has turned out, they quickly discovered the additional advantages of clean water.  Anna continued by saying “The Thirst Aid Station has been a great addition to our camp set-up as well, we’ve used it a lot for cooking and washing up… And even a few showers!”

If you want to catch up and keep up to date with Kayaking the Continent’s progress in more detail please visit the blog here, or these Facebook and Instagram pages.  To donate to this great cause click here.

For further product information, and to discuss the water purification requirements for your expedition, please contact customerservice@purehydration.co.uk