Pure Hydration expedition water purification for Kayaking the Countinent

On 21 April 2018 Anna Blackwell and Kate Culverwell, will climb into their tandem kayak, and set off down the River Thames in London. Their destination lies about 4000 km away, and will take them around the Kent coastline, across the English Channel, and onwards across Europe’s canal and river system until they reach the Black Sea, a journey they have named as Kayaking the Continent.

Paddling to raise money for Pancreatic Cancer Action, it is anticipated that the journey will take 3.5 to 4 months, and is believed to be the first time this route has been paddled in its entirety in a tandem kayak. Along their route Anna and Kate will be analysing water samples in contribution to the research of FreshWater Watch, an Earthwatch citizen science project investigating the health of global freshwater ecosystems.

To maintain healthy levels of hydration during this remarkable endurance event, Anna and Kate, will be paddling with an integrated range of Pure Hydration systems to help ensure that they also remain protected from waterborne pathogens, as well as to reduce their expenditure and minimise the use of single-use plastics along their route.

The team will each carry an aquapure traveller™ bottle in a tailored-fit neoprene carry case accessory, which in turn can be secured to the deck rigging using a paddle leash (just in case). Placed in forward-positioned reach, an easy one-handed squeeze will deliver 70CL of drinking water on the go before refilling, while permitting the user to keep their other hand on their paddle. Each purification cap will produce up to 350L of water (at just £0.11p/L), and a replacement purification cap has been provided in recognition of the length of the trip and the likely upturn in water intake requirements as southern European summer temperatures are encountered.

A secondary immediate access water supply will be carried by each paddler in a 2L bladder in the rear pocket of their Peak Explorer Zip PFDs (personal floatation devices).  By inserting PureLink™ adaptors in the drinking hose it has been possible to locate a Pure Hydration InLine Purifier in an unobtrusive position behind the body and above the cockpit rear rim/spray deck, converting a standard reservoir into a purification system. A one-handed thumb switch and pop-top mouthpiece at the end of the hose means that hydration on the go is available in an instant.

Once off the water at the end of each day’s paddling, Anna and Kate are intending to wild camp whenever possible.  To provide additional water for drinking, cooking and such as washing utensils, the team will carry a Thirst Aid Station (TAS).  Primarily developed for provision of emergency humanitarian response, the rugged TAS reservoir holds up to 10L of water which is then passed through an InLine Purifier to produce safe water.  The compact and lightweight form of the TAS make it ideal for stowage and transportation between stops.

For further information and to watch the progress of Kayaking the Continent please visit their website, or these Facebook and Instagram pages.

For further product information, and to discuss the water purification requirements for your expedition, please contact customerservice@purehydration.co.uk