Pure Hydration has announced the receipt of a new order for its Thirst Aid Station emergency water purification system from international disaster relief charity ShelterBox.

Thousands of new Thirst Aid Stations will be pre-positioned at regional hubs in Belgium, Malaysia, Panama, and the U.A.E. to meet the requirement for rapid deployment to humanitarian crises worldwide.  Having now been proven to provide invaluable distribution and recipient benefits over several years of front line relief operations, the Thirst Aid Station will continue to stand ready to protect the health of vulnerable victims of disasters in circumstances where the safety of essential drinking water supplies have been compromised.

First developed by Pure Hydration in 2013, ShelterBox was an early adopter of this innovative solution to situations where getting water purification equipment to often remote and heavily impacted locations is a matter of life-saving urgency.  The Thirst Aid Station has now been delivered to destinations including Ecuador, Haiti, the Philippines, and Syria, where its use without need of extra components, tools, a power supply, chemical additives, or extended user instruction have proven the concept of this design.

Pure Hydration Thirst Aid Station for humanitarian emergency relief worldwide

The low profile compact form and light weight of the Thirst Aid Station enables ShelterBox to go further, faster, and deliver the optimum format for family and small group production of safe drinking water for survival when infrastructure is damaged and transport resource availability is restricted.  Once distributed these features also permit rapid and easy relocation of the Thirst Aid Station should recipients be forced to flee.

Thirst Aid Station for emergency humanitarian water purification relief operations

The highly protective virus level performance of Pure Hydration’s impact-resistant M.A.D.® (Mechanically Advanced Disinfection) technology is well established for its reduction of pathogens in microbiologically contaminated water, but recent additional testing has also now confirmed that the purifier component of the Thirst Aid Station can prevent exposure to contaminants including heavy metals, pesticides and volatile organic chemicals.

Mechanically advanced Disinfection for emergency humanitarian water purification relief operations

Producing up to 1000L of safe drinking water per purifier, the use of just a few Thirst Aid Stations can prevent the use of many tonnes of single-use bottled water, and in contrast to the post-disaster pollution that can be wreaked by such deliveries, the durable 10L Armour Weave reservoir offers second-life sustainable utility as a seed bag, a dry bag for important personal documents, and multiple other local adaptions.

With other aid organisations having already purchased or currently evaluating the Thirst Aid Station, NGO’s are invited to contact Pure Hydration to discuss specifications and bespoke configuration options.