Nomad Travel Clinics recognised by Pure Hydration for role in reducing risk to UK travellers from waterborne illness

In the nine months from the start of 2017 Nomad Travel Clinics supplied their customers with over 1,000 aquapure traveller™ water purification bottles to help avoid infection by waterborne pathogens during visits overseas.

Following the training of medical practice and front of house teams during the period from October 2016 to March 2017, personnel at the eight Nomad branches across the UK have been offering their knowledge of best practice in drinking water purification to clients, ensuring that travellers leave their consultation visits with an improved chance of avoiding the negative health impacts from drinking microbiologically and chemically contaminated water abroad.

As the number of UK residents travelling overseas has grown – there were 70.8 million visits made in 2016, and current statistics show an upturn for the first half of 2017 – Nomad Travel Clinics have continued to recognise that whether travelling for business, leisure, or to visit friends and relatives, there is a significant risk of contracting diseases caused by waterborne bacteria, viruses, and parasitic protozoa and helminths, as well as from heavy metals, pesticides, and volatile organic industrial chemicals in water sources.

While helping travellers to avoid illnesses that can range from the discomfort, inconvenience and expense of losing a couple of vacation days to travellers’ diarrhoea (TD) through to life changing, debilitating and even fatal consequences, Nomad Travel Clinics can advise on the limitations of traditional advice on making drinking water safe, the necessity of maintaining healthy hydration levels away from home, and how Pure Hydration’s M.A.D.® technology provides travellers with protection that meets and exceeds international standards.

Nomad personnel have clearly taken the message on the need to be assured of the quality of any drinking water to heart, and have been pictured using their own aquapure travellers during outdoor adventures, while staff at the Bristol branch even presented a colleague and her partner with a pair of the water purification bottles for their honeymoon to Sri Lanka.

Pure Hydration’s founder and Managing Director Jon Grant said “Working with Nomad Travel clearly demonstrates the potential to reduce the risk to British travellers from some really unpleasant and potentially dangerous waterborne diseases.  We look forward to helping them protect the next 1,000 clients.”

Nomad Travel Clinics are located in Bath, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, London, and Manchester.

The aquapure traveller is available from all Nomad Travel Clinics

The aquapure traveller is available from all Nomad Travel Clinics