If you’re preparing for overseas travel you may have already started by ensuring that you’ve got some of the essentials lined up, including vaccinations, your passport, and insurance.  But have you thought about what you will do to assure access to clean, safe drinking water at your destination?

Whether you are going for business, leisure or any other reason, we recommend that for overseas travel destinations you take extra care to stay properly hydrated and avoid drinking water directly from all outdoor sources (e.g. rivers, lakes, streams, wells), municipal water supplies (taps), and unknown brands or suspect counterfeit bottled water.

Gastrointestinal (GI) infections are the most common form of illness in travellers, with the US CDC advising that travellers’ diarrhoea (TD) affects “from 30% to 70% of travellers, depending on the destination and season of travel” [1]. Contaminated drinking water is a major cause of GI infections and other serious illnesses.

The UK National Travel Health Network and Centre states that “TD can cause substantial disruption to travel itineraries or business trips. Approximately 20% of travellers are confined to bed for one or two days, 40% have to change their itinerary, and 1% are admitted to hospital” [2].

Pure Hydration because Prevention Is Better Than Cure


An aquapure traveller™ will

  • Help you to avoid dangerous dehydration by allowing use of any water source [3] whenever you need to drink
  • Protect you from harmful microbiological pathogens (bacteria, viruses, cysts) and many chemical  contaminants (heavy metals, pesticides, organic industrial pollutants) in drinking water
  • Save you money while producing up to 350 litres of clean, safe drinking water from contaminated sources, with no waiting time, chemicals or batteries
  • Avoid the need to purchase single-use drinking water bottles which end up littering our land and polluting our oceans


Before you travel overseas ask your pharmacist or travel health professional for

aquapure traveller for overseas drinking water travel health flyer front

aquapure traveller for overseas drinking water travel health flyer back

[1] Source: US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [accessed 17 October 2017]

[2] Source: TravelHealthPro [accessed 17 October 2017]

[3] Note that this product is not for use with salt water / sea water. For more information on the aquapure traveller™ visit www.purehydration.com