UK residents like to travel overseas, and in 2016 they made more than 70.8 million visits abroad.  This figure was up from a total of 65.72 million in 2014, which in turn was an increase in the total number of 60.08 million visits in 2014 [1]. Taken together with the consumer trend towards ‘experience’ over ‘stuff’, these figures suggest that, even in straitened economic circumstances, overseas travel will see an ongoing increase in coming years, and for some hard pressed businesses recognition of the opportunity this presents could make the difference between flourishing and failure in the near future.

At a time when community pharmacies are under severe threat from such as the claw back and cuts to generic medicine reimbursement prices (Category M), the provision of optimised travel health services to meet local demand is a potential lifeline.

For both emerging and established travel health service providers looking to develop their business in this sector, global vaccine company Valneva now offers the VIP (Valneva In Partnership) Programme.

The integrated portfolio of VIP materials, tools and services comprises

  • interactive multi-media Neva travel health training which includes the subject of drinking water purification and references the aquapure traveller™ (see below)
  • optional access to the PharmaDoctor eTool for online risk assessment with a consutation tool for travel medicines
  • a referral scheme drawing clients from local GP Practices and Travel Agents, as well as through an independent website
  • access to added-value travel health products in contribution to your business offer and bottom line
  • personalised marketing and communications support with sector guidance and optional individual marketing planning from expert consultants
  • desktop discussion aid option to help healthcare professionals communicate assessed risks to travellers during consultations
  • a wide range of disease awareness materials including posters, maps and leaflets to inform travellers of risks and what they can do to protect themselves


Pure Hydration is pleased to recommend the VIP Programme which has endorsed

the aquapure traveller™ water purification bottle as part of the Valneva in Partnersip ‘best in class’ range.

Pure Hydration aquapure traveller bottle endorsed by Valneva for VIP best in class range

For further information on the travel health benefits of the aquapure traveller™ and to arrange for supply to your travel health practice please contact today.

For further information and to register for the Valneva In Partnership Programme please visit the VIP website directly.

For information from Valneva on diseases and their causes at your intended destination, to find a local travel health provider, and for a useful travel checklist visit the Beware of the Bugs website.


[1] Source: Office for National Statistics UK Residents Visits Abroad dataset (click on the year of interest to download the relevant spreadsheet and then see tab 5.11)