drinking water cocktail!


surface water chemical contamination

surface water chemical contamination

Many developing countries already have poor drinking water quality, not just from microbiological contaminants but many different dangerous chemicals from industry and agriculture entering drinking water supplies

This is often exacerbated by natural disasters, or other forms of disruption making a chemical cocktail of the normal drinking water system, whether that be a river or stream or a damaged complex municipal supply

Arsenic along with many other extremely dangerous chemicals and heavy metals are on the rise but have been a problem for many, many years

‘The consumption of water containing pathogenic organisms or toxic chemicals and the use of inadequate volumes of water, resulting in poor hygiene, pose serious risks to human health’ ….

In the emergency phase of humanitarian assistance not only is micro-biologically infected water available and a health risk but also water that has become contaminated, with possibly 100′s of different chemicals from oil, petrol, diesel to chemicals from agriculture and industry all mixed up and collected in the normal water source contaminating all drinking water including ground water, major causes are floods and earthquakes War torn countries populations face a similar fate through different causes, water supply pipes in Aleppo for example have literally shaken themselves loose from constant bombing and earthquake like vibrations when the bombs land on streets and houses- causing the main water pipes and sewage pipes to rupture- spilling their contents underground until some of this polluted water eventually makes it up to the surface

What can we do about it when offering humanitarian relief Pure Hydration’s work on reducing microbiology in their emergency drinking water equipment is well known, less is known about their ability to remove harmful chemicals A recent advance in their technology has led to these extremely high reduction rates making water even better Here are just a few of the heavy metals that Pure Hydration address

 Drinking Water Contaminant Tested  Influent Water Concentration in µg/L   Filter Module Effluent Concentration in µg/L % Reduction
Heavy Metal Contaminants µg/L
Antimony 6.1 <0.5 99.9+
Arsenic (+3 and +5) 50.0 <0.5 99.9+
Beryllium 50.1 <0.5 99.9+
Bismuth 50.1 <0.5 99.9+
Cadmium 30.1 <0.5 99.9+
Chromium(+3 and +6) 302 2.6 99.1
Copper 3080 5.2 99.8
Iron 3060 101 96.7
Lead 150 4.14 97.2
Manganese 1060 150 85.8
Mercury 6.1 <0.5 99.9+
Nickel 104 <0.5 99.9+
Selenium 102 <0.5 99.9+
Zinc 110 21.1 80.8

latest list of removal/reductions of chemicals that have been noted as harmful to health is available on request*Most in-organic and organic insecticides and pesticides are removed at between 98.1% and 99.9+% *Volatile organic chemicals testing shows removal between 89.3% and 99.9+% * Full list available on request.

Tested by Nelac Accredited / EPA registered laboratories – Chemicals & aestheics test protocosl NSF ANSI 53 & 42.  Reductions shown Meet and exceed; World Health Organisation, US EPA, UK and EU standards for drinking water


Thirst Aid Stations from Pure Hydration have previously been successfully used in other major disasters including the Haiti and Nepal earthquakes, the Serbia and Bosnia floods and the Philippines typhoon
Recently with the help of Shelterbox and Hand in Hand for Syria with danger never far away, our Thirst Aid Stations have been distributed to the devastated Syrian city of Aleppo
The Mechanically Advanced Purification technology developed by Pure Hydration removes viruses and bacteria, pathogens (including Giardia and Cryptosporidium) chemicals, heavy metals, faecal matter, dirt, bad tastes and odour from any fresh water source.

Pure Hydration – supplying high performance water purification systems to emergency & humanitarian aid for over 20 years