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Thirst Aid Stations arrive from Pure Hydration UK

TUE, MAR 15, 2016 12:55 CET

Pure Hydration water sanitisation kits arrive in Aleppo to help with humanitarian efforts (Hand In Hand For Syria) 

The first Thirst Aid Station water purification kits by UK-based Pure Hydration have arrived in Aleppo, once Syria’s most populated city and one of the oldest inhabited places on earth, as it faces an ongoing humanitarian crisis.

Constant bombing and ground fighting has left the city in ruins, without power, utilities or safe housing, its people reliant on outside supplies of food, medicine and shelter. Water supplies have been cut and what is available is potentially contaminated, posing a health risk to those who are forced to drink it.

 ShelterBox, a UK-based international disaster relief charity, is providing tents and shelter kits for families in Aleppo with mattresses, tarpaulins, plastic sheeting and solar lights through their local partner, Hand in Hand for Syria. Each kit also contains a Thirst Aid Station emergency family water purifier. This 10 litre capacity system purifies water instantly and provides safe, clean drinking water, making up to 1000 litres with virus level protection. It has no moving parts, requires no chemicals, pumps or power and is fully portable should the family be displaced or has to move to a safer location.

Weighing less than 300 grams each, Thirst Aid Stations replace the need to send in water tankers or thousands of bottles of water on trucks which can only happen if the cease fire holds. If the fighting returns it could be several weeks until water can be delivered again. Thirst Aid Stations can continue to provide adequate supplies of drinking water regardless of the conflict situation.

Thirst Aid Stations from Pure Hydration have previously been successfully used in other major disasters including the Haiti and Nepal earthquakes, the Serbia and Bosnia floods and the Philippines typhoon. The Mechanically Advanced Purification technology developed by Pure Hydration removes viruses and bacteria, pathogens (including Giardia and Cryptosporidium) chemicals, heavy metals, faecal matter, dirt, bad tastes and odour from any fresh water source. It meets and exceeds World Health Organisation, US EPA, UK and EU standards for drinking water.

Jon Grant, Managing Director of Thirst Aid Station manufacturer’s, Pure Hydration said, “The arrival of the Thirst Aid Stations in Aleppo with Shelterbox and Hand in Hand for Syria means those still living in the city will now have access to clean and safe drinking water. We hope to be able to send more Stations out in the near future.”

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Safe Water, Aleppo Syria, Hand In Hand For Syria

Thirst Aid Station

Mother & daughter receive some much needed aid- including an emergency water purifier

Safe Water Equipment

small, lightweight compact effective for safe emergency water