Aqua Pure Traveller Everest

“I have been using the Pure Hydration water bottle for several years as I travel through Nepal and Tibet en-route to the North side of Everest. This filter system has never let me down, and has become a constant travelling companion. I even take this system to the North Col at 7,000m” (from 2005)

Aqua Pure Traveller Everest

Russell Brice Everest mountaineer

‘Russell is one of the most respected mountaineers in recent times not only because of his love of climbing but the way in which he respects the people which make it all happen- Little is often spoken, written or filmed but that has all changed, long before the cameras arrived Russell’s unflinching respect for the mountain and the Sherpa’s has changed the way mountaineer’s should behave from base camp to the top of the world, if they make it. Without doubt most would not make it or even attempt it without the Sherpa

Brice is a central figure in the 2015 documentary ‘Sherpa’ which recounts events surrounding the 2014 Mount Everest ice avalanche- Nepal

Wikipedia * Russell Reginald Brice (born 3 July 1952) is a New Zealand mountaineer. He is also the owner/manager of Himalayan Experience Ltd.,[1] a climbing expedition company. He has summited Cho Oyu 7 times, Himal Chuli and Mount Everest twice, as well as Manaslu in October 2010, which was his 14th summit of an 8000m peak.

Brice first went to Everest in 1974 as part of Edmund Hillary’s Himalayan Trust. His first attempt to climb the mountain was in 1981.[2] In 1988, he and Harry Taylor were the first climbers to successfully climb The Three Pinnacles on Everest’s Northeast Ridge.[3] He reached the summit of Everest on 29 May 1997 and again on 25 May 1998.[4]

Brice is best known for leading the 2006, 2007 and 2009 expeditions on Everest which were filmed by the Discovery Channel for three seasons of a series titled Everest: Beyond the Limit.[5] The series touts Brice’s experience, weather savvy, and professionalism compared to other groups on the mountain.[6] Following the first season, Brice became part of a controversy over the death of climber David Sharp, who was found in a weakened state high on the mountain by Brice’s climbers, and footage of him was filmed, but was deemed impossible to save and left to die.[7][8][9][10] In the series, Brice estimates that 80% of his “mates” have died during his climbing career.[9]

In 2012, Brice’s clients each paid his company €43,000 to climb Mount Everest.[11] Brice pulled all his guides, client and Sherpas off Mount Everest due to his concerns about dangerous conditions and his company’s reputation was damaged due to perceptions that he was overreacting.[11] During the 2013 season, Brice was involved in brokering an agreement between Sherpas and western climbers after disputes broke out on the mountain.[2]

Brice also owns Chamonix Experience,[12] based in Chamonix in the French Alps and Mountain Experience, based in Nepal.[13]

Brice’s expertise has been used for a number of filming projects in the Himalaya, including as location manager for the 2010 film The Wildest Dream, the story of George Mallory and the expedition to locate his body which was discovered by Conrad Anker.[14]

Brice’s expertise has also been used for filming logistics for the series Planet Earth,[citation needed] and the film Touching the Void.[citation needed]

Brice is a central figure in the 2015 documentary Sherpa which recounts events surrounding the 2014 Mount Everest ice avalanche.[15]

Personal life[edit]
Brice married Anne-Caroline Rémond, a French journalist with magazine Tele Star, on 3 December 2005.[16]

Brice is a founding member and board member of Friends of Humanity, a Geneva-based non-profit organization.[17] In 1991, he was project co-ordinator for the ‘Balloon Over Everest Expedition’, successfully flying two hot air balloons over Everest.[18]

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Aqua Pure Traveller Everest

Russell Brice Everest mountaineer