Its only water, how we take it for granted

Shaun Freebody- Eco Warrior- Inline water purifier/filter, pure Hydration

Dear Pure Hydration,

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I am always off on my travels and have been looking for a system that requires no chemicals, filters out pretty much everything, as I m a bit of an Eco warrior I wanted to save massively on buying water in plastic bottles !

I found you:)

My last trip to South Africa took me on a mission away from running clean water. Majority of the time I was either in the mountains or walking along the cost where again no safe water to drink was to be found, the hydration system came in use time and time again.

I started my trip in Cape town, a reasonably safe destination as long as you don’t go out getting drunk and being stupid.   After a few days of getting organized I set of in to the country after hiring car for the first month, I heading north where I was able to get to some pretty interesting spots, Cedarburg N.p is pretty amazing, I then headed slowly down Route 62 to the garden route “tourist paradise” yuck !!!

After handing the car back in Port Elisabeth  my real adventure started. I really did not want to go by the usual backpackers transport, the Baz bus.. you have to book it in advance and they pick you up from the hostel and drop you of at a hostel, their you are pretty much competed to life in a box !!  that’s not what I was there for !, I wanted to feel the country for what it was. I started my days off hitch hiking and paying a little money along the way, some hairy times some fun times, getting dropped of in the middle of no where from time to time with the sun beating down made me think a few times, plus darkness and the unknown. The water source that I found I always had smile because there was always some dirty little stream I could feel up from. I did how ever always make sure it was running. Its not like I had to fish out dead animals before finding a clear spot, but all the same I never knew what was higher up stream.

I spent most nights under the stars ramped up in my sleeping bag listening to the out doors and hoping I would wake up safe. You see the problem you have is that you may not see any one when you set up but they wait till your a sleep then jump you. Luck was massively on my side I guess. The odd hostel from time to time that I really did not enjoy, BUT HEY SHIT HAPPENS !

Heading into the Transkei region of South Africa things started playing on my mind, I really wanted to see the wild coast, after being told not to hike on my own, I said sod it and spent 5 days walking along the coast, again staying out,  but being extremely vigilant. 6 river crossings later  I made it to my destination, The water I came across never looked to great, I did find a few half decent  waterfalls, all the same using the InLine purifier/filter system I never became ill.

Heading in Lesotho ” the mountain kingdom” similar stories happened. Hitchhiking, staying out under the stars, walking from mountain pass to mountain pass. It was a real adventure. Lucky for me I never had any real problems with people. I met some amazing people along the way always more than happy to help I even got invited in a few times for dinner and for that I was very humble for.

Bottom line South Africa is one mental place Id love to travel Southern Africa one day by motor bike.

I hope you like my short story plz fell free to use any of the photos I have sent you along with any part of my story.

Well happy Christmas to you all…second email to follow with the other 5 photos.


Thank you for sharing some of your life with us- keep up enjoying it and keep in touch when you can – you Eco warrior!!

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