Thirst Aid Stations - on their way to Syria
Water Purifying Experts
Pure Hydration send Thirst

Aid Stations to Towns and Cities in Syria

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Thirst Aid Stations - on their way to Syria

A Surrey company which produces lifesaving water purification technology has teamed up with a number of charities to send a
1000 Thirst Aid Stations to Syria. The Shipment, has left the UK today, they are being sent to displaced people in Syria and will
help produce over one Million litres of clean water for one thousand families not currently in safe areas.
Pure Hydration hopes to send a second shipment in the near future with the assistance of other charities, giving over 2000
families access to clean drinking water, as the humanitarian crisis deepens – however over 5 million people need help.
Pure Hydration’s ‘Thirst Aid Station’ is an ingenious solution which is half the size of a pillow case, using Nano-technology the
products do not need electrical or mechanical power to make dirty water clean. The Thirst Aid Stations will give beneficiaries
access to clean safe drinking water ‘ from un-protected, unregulated water sources which are mostly contaminated and putting
children at risk of typhoid and diarrhea’ ( UNICEF Aug 2015)
Thirst Aid Stations are often sent to disaster zones and areas suffering humanitarian crisis. In 2010, they provided clean water in
the aftermath of the earthquake that devastated Haiti. The Stations were also sent to assist families following the 2013 earthquake
in the Philippines and Nepal this year.
Pure Hydration is working with charities from the US and the UK to distribute the water purifying technology, but is hoping other
organisations may be able to help.
“With the crisis becoming more critical by the day, it’s important to take action. We really want to hear from other charities and
NGOs who can help send more Thirst Aid Stations to Syria along with other aid.” Jon Grant M.D.
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Tel: +44 (0) 333 600 7000

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Thirst Aid Stations – on their way to Syria