thirst aid station sent to philippines

Nano technology from USA & UK technology company ship Thousands of water purification systems to the Philippines, to provide instant safe drinking water for families and aid workers.

Typhoon Haiyan, which struck the central Philippines on Friday November 8th, has left thousands of families without shelter, food, or safe drinking water. The UN has launched a global appeal to help relief efforts.

Michael Asimor of Pure Hydration – Illinois says, “using a Thirst Aid Station water purifier takes less than a minute to start drinking safe water. Families have an instant, sustainable way of making safe water for themselves – we should stock pile these for possible homeland needs”.

Nano technology from the USA and product engineering from Pure Hydration- combine to make this simple to use water purifier- needs no electrical or mechanical power to produce safe drinking water even removing viruses and bacteria instantly.
Pure Hydration supplied 5000 Thirst Aid Stations to the ShelterBox charity in Great Britain, for use in the Philippines and in war-torn Syria. 5000 more have been ordered “Thirst Aid Stations are a vital part of our emergency aid” – Shane Revill, ShelterBox UK.

Disaster aid charities and search and rescue teams are using Thirst Aid Stations and Aquapure Traveller bottles, to keep people safe from water diseases and protect emergency responders while they help others. The equivalent weight in bottled water transported on trucks or in helicopters would be approximately 5000 tons, compared to Thirst Aid Station’s 1 1/2 tons.
According to Gary Foo, Fire Chief at DIMERSAR Search & Rescue Emergency Response Team-“Pure Hydration purifiers are the best piece of kit we have. We are in places where every drop of water around you is undrinkable and unsafe. If we stay healthy then we can carry on with vital search and rescue work”.
“Each Thirst Aid Station can provide a thousand litres of clean drinking water”, explains Michael Asimor “One bag will provide a family of four with safe drinking water for a month This technology has been deployed with Statewide Regional Response Teams to provide public safety support to areas affected by floods and other natural disasters”.

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