thirst aid station sent to philippines

Natural Disaster Charity Receives Welcome Boost With Water Purification Bags

The victims of natural disasters across the world will now have instant access to clean water thanks to an exciting innovation jointly pioneered by British company, Pure Hydration and the charity Shelterbox.

Thirst Aid Station is a revolution in safe drinking water and the fruit of a comprehensive design and development process, led by Pure Hydration, experts in water purification technology. The bag-based design filters diseased and dirty water into pure, clean and safe drinking water quickly and easily. The dirty water is poured in at the top and clean water emerges from the bottom, instantly. The kits have already been supplied to the charity Shelterbox, which helps victims of earthquakes, tornados, floods and tsunamis across the world, following their input earlier this year.

Made to SPHERE Minimum Standards, which dictate that a family of four has a total basic water need of 7.5L – 15L per day, Thirst Aid Station will last for approximately one month, providing 1000L of emergency water. When it is past its useful life it can also act as a waterproof dry bag or bucket to extend the lifespan and usefulness to recipients.

Jon Grant, Managing Director of Pure Hydration says, “We are thrilled to launch our award-winning technology, and we are honoured to be able to assist the charity Shelterbox in their efforts to help the victims of natural disasters all over the globe, they do such an amazing work. We have a proud history of supplying our water purification products to the military and to many disaster charities, and our association with Shelterbox will hopefully be the first of many for the Thirst Aid Station.”
The Thirst Aid water purification bag is made of incredibly tough material, and can hold 10L of water, yet can roll down to just a few square centimetres and weighs less than 300 grammes, making it perfect for transporting across the globe. The unique filter incorporates exclusive MAD (mechanically advanced disinfection) technology which removes bacteria, viruses, chemicals, dirt, and odour from water making it safe to drink. There are no chemicals involved in the process and there is no wait time, guaranteeing safe, clean drinking water at any time, in any place. The Thirst Aid Station was recently nominated for a highly prestigious humanitarian award at AidEx, a global conference for global aid and development needs.

Pure Hydration are world-renowned experts in water purification and have supplied their products to a range of high-profile organisations, including the Ministry of Defence, US Law Enforcements and USAR teams. Their purification bags and products are also a hit with mountaineers, adventurers, cyclists, climbers and holiday makers who choose to visit places where clean water is not a given. Their products have been tested by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine to verify their viability and ensure that they are safe to use.

The Thirst Aid stations are also highly ethical and environmentally-friendly. It costs just 2p to filter one litre of water, and the usage of the bags prevents thousands of plastic and PET bottles going into landfill. With no chemicals, batteries or pumping used, the Thirst Aid station is one of the most eco-friendly, cheap and effective purification systems available in the world today.

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