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Environment and Bottled Water


A World of Reasons to Ditch Bottled Water

At the mere mention of the Environment, people’s eyes generally tend to glaze over and their hearing canals tend to close up.

But… please keep reading. We at Pure Hydration CANNOT save the world and are not claiming that we can. However, travellers that insist on going to far flung destinations without a satisfactory method of purifying water and relying on BOTTLED WATER are:

1. Flirting with danger in the fact that the water they are drinking could and normally will be water straight from the local water system (unless bought from a reputable hotel etc. and bottled with a tamper evident cap). Basically, Peckham Spring “A la Egypt, Vietnam, China, Africa etc. etc.” A good indicator but not a guarantee, is that in Europe bottled manufacturers put a small amount of Nitrogen into the bottle. This is to force out any air remaining in the bottle. The result is that the bottle with water in it is very hard to the touch i.e. not squashy. I have encountered many street sellers plying the home bottled water and simply done the squeeze test and “kindly declined” their offer.

2. Buying lots and lots of plastic P.E.T drinking bottles in these situations is not being a responsible tourist because in many of these countries they do not have much in the way of recycling so you are adding to the growing waste problem. Especially if you are drinking three or four litres per day. Normally people will buy 500 ml bottles because they are easier to carry and store, etc. On a five day trip this would equate to 40 P.E.T. bottles going to waste. If 1.0 m people went to the same destination and did the same thing, that would mean 40,000,000 more plastic bottles. This is what happens. Travellers do not see themselves as part of the problem. Be part of the solution and take an AquaPure Traveller.

So what we are saying at Pure Hydration is that we can HELP. By replacing bottled water with an Aquapure Traveller or one of our other filtration products you will be helping to save the environment.

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